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As per the Folklore, once upon a time in the culinary land there were The Good Folks and The Food Folks. The Good Folks wished to spread the message of good health. The Food Folks wished to serve people with delicious food. The Good folks and The Food Folks came together for a concoction that promises good health with good food. The Folks uncovered an array of snacking and munching delights which address the emerging challenges to health and the evolving lifestyles. Immunity and nutrition are the buzzwords in the present times. Our healthy range of products provide the benefits of organic produce as well as the nutritional values of a food supplement. The superfoods comprise constituents that satisfy your hunger with the wholesomeness in a pack and your daily needs of nutriment.
He who plants the seeds in springs reaps the harvest in autumn B. C. Forbes

We are young folks with an aim to raise the happiness quotient of one’s mind through good food. Good food is essential for a healthy body and sound mind. Our good folks are a core team of food technologists and dieticians. Our food folks are a team of innovators who bring out the best in food.

We decided to introduce people with high immunity superfoods that satiate hunger loaded with a plenty of nutrients and micronutrients which are not a part of your daily diet. We also added taste to the boring & indoor life.

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