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glass bowls filled with veggies


 glassbowlsfilled with veggies

Portion control is vital for a healthy diet, especially when it comes to losing weight. It's possible that we eat too much of something delicious. While it's important to eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet rich in whole foods, it's also possible to overeat these meals, which can undermine any weight-loss or weight-management attempts.


Here are the top ten tips for managing your hunger and meal size.

1. Thirty minutes before a meal, drink a full glass of water. Also, drink plenty of water every day because hunger and thirst are sometimes confused with eachother.

2. Use plates that are smaller. It's all too easy to be tempted by gorgeous platters, yet they're often overly big, making it all too simple to overeat.

3. As soon as you finish serving your dinner, store any leftovers in containers (for future meals) so you don't feel tempted to eat more. 

4. Don't leave food serving plates on the table because you'll be tempted to "pick" at them or eat a second helping without recognising it.

5. Consider a platter of food. Fill half of your plate with veggies, which provide nourishment while being low in calories and high in fibre, which helps to manage blood sugar and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

6. Make sure to eat protein at every meal (a palm-sized portion), as protein will fill you up and keep you satisfied until your next meal.

7. Eat breakfast and never miss meals. Skipping breakfast will cause you to be extremely hungry later in the day, leading you to nibble on unhealthy foods. A protein-rich breakfast (nuts and Pumpkin seeds, whole fat Greek yoghurt) will keep you content for longer, preventing hunger and balancing your blood sugar levels. According to studies, one who eat breakfast have better hunger control and, as a result, a more balanced diet.

8. Avoid sugar, as it will make you crave it even more. Dark chocolate can help to reduce sugar cravings.

9. Choose protein-based snacks that will fill you up so you won't be as hungry at mealtimes, allowing you to avoid overeating. However, nuts are one of those healthy foods that many people often overeat. As a result, portion them out carefully!

10. Eat mindfully - it can take your body up to 20 minutes to recognise that you've had enough to eat. Because their stomach hasn't had time to send a signal to their brain indicating they're full, many people who eat quickly ingest more. Eating slowly means stopping when you're content or pleasantly full, so take your time and stop when you're full.

It all comes down to striking the right balance. Food is meant to be savoured, and it's okay to treat yourself once in a while. 

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