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Almonds on a wooden tray

Almonds in daily snacking situations


Almonds are a versatile food that can be consumed in a variety of situations. 


The Morning Preparation

Add some almonds to your porridge to transform it from "meh" to "mmm." Any type of almond, whole, sliced, or sliced and slivered, will do. 


The Recovery Process

Have you been working out hard this morning? After you've felt the heat, a handful of almonds is the ideal recovery food.


The Last-Minute Rush

Skipped breakfast? Snack on a handful of almonds on the way to work. They'll make you feel full and content as you face the day and traffic. Almonds are also an excellent work snack. 


The Salad Garnish

Salads are crunchy and delicious on their own, but adding almonds elevates them to a whole new level. Imagine that light, buttery, nutty flavour atop your favourite greens and vegetables.


The Mid-Morning Struggle

Trade chips for a handful of almonds instead. Just keep a jar in your desk drawer for easy access.


The Afternoon Slump

Few more hours until dinner? That's nuts. Grab a handful of almonds instead of reaching for your hidden cache of "emergency only" chocolate to get you through the evening. 


The Trail Mix

Make your own perfect combination with almonds if you want a variety of textures in a nutritious snack. Get creative with dried fruit, chocolate chips, and coconut shavings. 


The Late Nighter

No more guilt trips. With the help of almonds, late-night desires can be crushed (or crunched).   













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